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"When I first met you, I felt a kind of contradiction in you. You’re seeking something, but at the same time, you are running away for all you’re worth."
---------------- Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore (via larmoyante)

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"Being a girl is so fucking expensive."
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It’s like I’m nonexistent. In fact I am.

"We were never in love, but, oh God, we could have been."
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You make my heart ache constantly

Anonymous: Is it okay to not be sexually attracted to people because they're really big? I can't work out if this makes me a bad person.


Perhaps not a bad person intentionally, but you are clearly privileged if you think you have the right to choose one body type over another. You are - without being aware of it - oppressing other body types by purposely going out of your way to not date and/or have sex with them. I know you’re probably not going to like what I’m saying, but it’s the truth. 

I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with women who are skinny, but I do have to question the attraction the men claim to have. I believe many of these men are closet homosexuals, fatophobes, and in some cases; pedophiles. i say this because, there is no way on god’s green earth, that a sane grown-ass man would want anything to do with a woman who does not have hips, ass, or tits. It’s either you think she looks like a little girl, or you think she looks like a boy. Other times men are just so hateful and afraid of big beautiful women, that they will punish themselves before admitting that we are sexy. This is really no different than if I were to not have sex with a black man, because I “didn’t find him attractive.” That’s like saying “you don’t appeal to me because you aren’t human.” Do you know how racist that is, and wrong? It’s disgusting. By choosing one person over another, for whatever reason it may be, you are insulting the oppressed. Every time you walk around town with a thin woman, you are insulting fat women. 

I think because you asked this, you are willing to change. You know that what you’re doing is wrong. I have some news for you though: We are here, we’re growing in numbers and in weight, and 10 years from now we will be the norm. Nobody except perverts, liars, and fetishists are going to want to be with skin and bones. I sincerely hope you find yourself before that happens.

This post disgusts me. The saying real women have curves- really? NEWSFLASH ANY WOMAN IS A REAL WOMAN NO MATTER WHAT THEIR FUCKING SIZE IS. BIG IS BEAUTIFUL, SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL, EVERYWHERE IN BETWEEN IS TOO. CAN I REPEAT ANY WOMAN IS A REAL WOMAN. I’m proud to be me- tits and ass nonexistent on my smaller frame- and wouldn’t you know that some men are still attracted to me. Shocker right. And no- I don’t look like a baby either. You’re not saying there’s anything wrong with smaller women? Then why did you even bother with the huge paragraph about how men are just delusional or closeted gays when they date skinnier women. Shut the fuck up. I speak for all women when I say ALL WOMEN ARE REAL WOMEN. SEXY CAN COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES. BE PROUD TO BE YOU.


be nice to plants. pet grass. dont step on bugs. feed birds. give water to flowers. don’t hurt bees. tell trees they are cute and confident. tell yourself you are cute and confident. help people. be nice to the earth. 

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